(Re)vitalize your home with nature’s palette

We work 1:1 with clients to guide them through a holistic planning process that aligns your intentions with a supportive palette of nature's elements, mindfulness practices and spatial patterns that bring those goals to life.


Family Homes

During this 2-hour virtual 1:1 consultation we will balance, nurture and uplift your family home by applying the fundamental principles of design with nature to your entire home. We curate a palette of elements for your entry, key gathering spaces and main bedroom, elevating your existing home with vibrant life energy.

Cost $360


Individual Rooms

During this 1-hour virtual 1:1 consultation we will focus on the energetic flows and natural elements of one room within your home. Your bedroom is intimately connected to your personal energy and current situation, so we recommend starting with a bedroom consultation if you want a starting point.

Cost $180


Home Offices

During this 1-hour virtual 1:1 consultation we will apply principles designed specifically for career success and happiness to your home office space. We bring practical recommendations on the best locations for work tools and tasks combined with mindfulness practices to align your mind, body and spirit with your goals.

Cost $225

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You come away with:

  • A clear vision of your family’s intentions
  • A mood board of your family’s nature palette containing colors, shapes and patterns 
  • An annotated floor plan with layout recommendations for key furniture + decor positioning
  • A personalized method for gathering feedback from your family to keep your goals on track
  • A home that you love!


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With each consultation, we will:

  • Clarify and focus your intentions for yourself and your family through our visioning process that helps you zero in on exactly how you want your home (and life!) to feel
  • Curate a mix of the colors, shapes, textures and imagery of the five elements that energetically nurture you on visceral level and resonate with your intentions and goals for yourself and your family
  • Create a transformational relationship with your home and its contents through mindfulness practices that help you see the patterns and thoughts that are holding you back from your highest aspirations and create a paradigm shift towards your goals
  • Connect to the order and patterns within nature by tapping into natural space planning methods that create a grounding mix of cozy, nurturing spaces with the right amount of flowing, dynamic spaces
  • Continue to build momentum towards your goal with a personalized feedback strategy that works uniquely for your family