With the ancient wisdom of feng shui, you can unlock time-tested principles to create an intentional and harmonious home for your family:

  • Spatial arrangements invite positive flows of supportive energy that radiate throughout your space, creating a home that feels balanced and nurturing
  • Universal qualities of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal & water) balance the energy of your home and align your space with the cycles of nature
  • Mindfulness practices cultivate your innate wisdom to gently guide you into a deep and lasting relationship with your home environment

Together, we will usher harmony, abundance and well-being into your home, creating a place that is uniquely yours and just feels like you.

Family Homes


We assess the energetic flow of your home and site, applying a mix of feng shui recommendations that will support and nurture a positive family dynamic. We will layer in adjustments to support your specific goals so you can create a lasting relationship with your home.

Individual Rooms


We go deep into the feng shui principles of a single room where we can focus on bringing flow and perspective to specific issues in your life or elevate an important area of your home such as a bedroom. Often beginning with one space in your home can have a cascade effect on your life.

Home Offices


We will evaluate your work space to bring career success and joy to your work life. We will provide practical recommendations for placement of important tools and equipment along with mindfulness practices that will align your work goals with your mind, body and spirit.

2-hour virtual

1:1 consultation with Amy

$360 + nine red envelopes

1-hour virtual

1:1 consultation with Amy

$180 + nine red envelopes

1-hour virtual

1:1 consultation with Amy

$225 + nine red envelopes

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Embark on your journey today

  • Clarify and focus your goals for your family with intention-setting rituals
  • Connect your personal energy or qi to the natural elements that nourish, support and energize you
  • Curate a mix of colors, shapes and textures that energetically nurture each family member on a visceral level
  • Create a transformational relationship with your home through feng shui recommendations that imbue your spaces with positive, life-giving energy
  • Continue to build momentum towards your intentions with a follow-up session of personalized strategies to fine-tune your home’s energy over time

People are saying...

Amy was wonderful! ... Our space is awesome now.  I love the feel/energy. I can't say enough about Amy and her understanding of Feng Shui and how she helped us reach our goals.  I will absolutely work with Amy again. 

~ Lisa

People are saying...

Amy is warm, intuitive and easy to talk to in the consultation. She really listens and offers thoughtful adjustments to implement to improve one’s life.  I highly recommend!

~ Danielle


Lineage acknowledgement

I owe deep gratitude to my Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui teachers* as well as their teachers** who trained directly under with our root teacher, his Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun Fourth Stage lineage holder of the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui teachings***. As a B2B practitioner, I also benefit from the wisdom traditions that include Taoist, Buddhist, Chinese folk, Tibetan Bon and Tantric lineages. In this way, I am part of the golden chain of wisdom such that my feng shui practices are not from me, but come through me to share with my clients.

*My direct mentors are Anjie Cho and Laura Morris of Mindful Design School

**My teachers trained under Rosalie Prinzivalli and Katherine Metz, who both studied directly under the late His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun 

**Her Holiness Khadro Crystal Chu Rinpoche is the current lineage holder and Fifth Stage of Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism