Transform your home with feng shui

Feng Shui helps us align our spaces with our intentions for ourselves and our families to invite new, positive energy into the areas of our life that we want to nurture.

Small changes to our home environment and our personal energy have a cascade effect that shifts your family dynamic, making room for what you want to cultivate right now. Feeling balanced and nurtured on an unconscious level, we are closer to our best selves and highest aspirations.

Your home becomes your partner in life’s journey, shining light on your own inner wisdom and true path.


Whole House Consultation

A 2-hour virtual consultation that aligns your home with the ancient wisdom of feng shui

During our 1:1 consultation, we will:

*Clarify & focus your intentions

*Clear your home to invite in new, positive energy

*Evaluate your home's layout and furniture positioning for alignment with key feng shui principles to bring health, happiness and abundance

*Nurture your unique family dynamic and goals with supportive elements--water, wood, fire, earth and metal

*Develop a roadmap of personalized feng shui adjustments that support the life changes you envision

Cost $270

Inquire about in-home consultations in the Santa Monica, Venice, West LA, Topanga, and Pacific Palisades regions of CA (additional $99 fee).

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